vrijdag 3 juni 2011

River Island Haul + BB cream&brushes

Here's my haul that I promised yesterday!
I basically only bought things by iver Island,
I'll always pick something up there :)

The shorts from River Island are really comfortable,
this one has a little bit of'destroyed details'.

Crop top with 'Cherry Bomb' on it, I just had to buy that haha
But I do love the floral print too!
(I picked up the wrong size!:( It's a little bit too big maybe I'll return it )

Sheer lace top.

A flower hairband.

My aunt just came back from China and she bought some really nice gifts for me.
The first thing is the Skin Food Aloe Vera BB cream.
I wanted a BB cream for SO LONG, so I was really really happy.
It works great!

And the second thing is a make-up brush kit.
Amazing brushes, and also really easy for traveling!

With love,


3 opmerkingen:

  1. oe, leuke dingen heb je gekocht voor al die haarbnad is leuk! <3

  2. leuke shoplog! dat shortje is leuk! ^^