vrijdag 2 september 2011

To do list with my friend Lisa! :)

Hello ♥
My friend Lisa and I made a list of things we wanted to do this schoolyear!
Some of them don't make any sense but it's fun :]

* Bake a carrotcake. We've never tried one before, and it sounds not really yummie to us but we've heard it was good so we're gonna try it :)
* Send eachother a Christmas card.
* Going to AMSTERDAM
* Make a snowman
* Pass trough this schoolyear together!
* Make beautiful pictures.
* Not talking for one day to eachother. (this is gonna be hard).
* Going to see a really good movie.
* Eating at a Chinese dim sum restaurant.
* Going to a themepark!
* Study together and get a high grade.
* Eat a pizza with salami.
* Going to a MUSCIAL.
* Oldskool rollerskating. (Yes I still have them, somewhere..)
* Going on Chatroulette.
* Drink icecoffee at HEMA <3

And that's our list :D
supersilly but we don't take this too serious haha!


donderdag 1 september 2011

beautyproducts from Hongkong

hi :) When I was in Hongkong I went crazy in the Colourmix and Sasa stores. They sell amazing beautyproducts and I want to share some things I've bought there! I've wanted to try the My beauty diary masks for so long. And I was so happy when I saw this "Sweet teatime miniset", the packaging is adorable <3
So what's inside? There were four products in the box. 1.A strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser. 2.A vanilla soufflé face scrub. 3.Chocolate truffle mask. 4.Earl grey tea & Macaron mask
This is all the eye make-up I got. 1 day tattoo eyeliner, mojalica majorca mascara, eyelashglue, gelliner, circle lenses (still too scared too try them) and fake lashes!
And here all the random stuff! ♥ A strawberry scrubmask, smells sooo good! ♥ Lioele waterdrop BB cream. ♥ Pear and Panda lipbalm. The panda one is my favorite lipbalm, it smells like peaches! <3 ♥ Little present from my mother: Sugarbomb from Benefit. ♥ Canmake creamblush. I LOVE THIS. ♥ And last but not least my cherry toothpaste haha.
BIGKISS, Charlotte ♥