donderdag 1 september 2011

beautyproducts from Hongkong

hi :) When I was in Hongkong I went crazy in the Colourmix and Sasa stores. They sell amazing beautyproducts and I want to share some things I've bought there! I've wanted to try the My beauty diary masks for so long. And I was so happy when I saw this "Sweet teatime miniset", the packaging is adorable <3
So what's inside? There were four products in the box. 1.A strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser. 2.A vanilla soufflé face scrub. 3.Chocolate truffle mask. 4.Earl grey tea & Macaron mask
This is all the eye make-up I got. 1 day tattoo eyeliner, mojalica majorca mascara, eyelashglue, gelliner, circle lenses (still too scared too try them) and fake lashes!
And here all the random stuff! ♥ A strawberry scrubmask, smells sooo good! ♥ Lioele waterdrop BB cream. ♥ Pear and Panda lipbalm. The panda one is my favorite lipbalm, it smells like peaches! <3 ♥ Little present from my mother: Sugarbomb from Benefit. ♥ Canmake creamblush. I LOVE THIS. ♥ And last but not least my cherry toothpaste haha.
BIGKISS, Charlotte ♥

3 opmerkingen:

  1. oe, die lioelle bb cream had ik gezien in colormix haha. Ja, dat heb ik ook! Ik krijg het echt niet mooi en die dubble eye lid tape werkt ook niet of ik doe het gewoon verkeerd xd.

  2. Trouwens omg dat eerste ding is echt leuk! Maar ik heb hem nergens gezien :||.

  3. Hahah cherry toothpaste hmm. Leuke dingen heb je gekocht!