maandag 22 augustus 2011

My Schoolsupplies!

Hi there!

School is coming up fast so I thought it would
be cool to share my schoolsupplies that I've bought in China!: )

So this is my little pencil case.
It's pink and it has little white dots :3

And what's inside?

Tadaaa !

I have some back-up pencils because I always randomly lose my pencils.

Donut and candy erasers, stick memo and card bags :)

The cutest paperclips!
Apples,cats,bikes,cameras and bunnies.

And guess what these are..........Pencilsharpers!

Notebooks and a checklists.
I loveee the checklists, they are very useful!

And here, I'll keep all my important letters from school because I always lose them!
So yes, I'm getting organized :)

Stickers to pimp my schooldiary with!

And oh, I also always like to take a little mirror with me to school.
This is my chocolate cookie mirror!

And there's a little comb inside : )

And that's most of the schoolsupplies that I got in China,
hope you liked it!
xoxoxo Charlotte

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Aahw wat een geweldige spulletjes zeg, jaloers!

  2. Aah char,
    wat een super leuke spullies allemaal,
    die donuts zijn echt schattig!