vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Back again! + Pictures of my trip :)

Hello guys,

I'm back in The Netherlands again!
I had an amazing time in China and I just want to share some pictures with you :)

This year was the first time that I saw my new cousin, he's soooo cute♥

Noodles from my grandfather, they are so good :]
Ricenoodles with salty vegetables.

While I was in Wenzhou I noticed a lot of girls with perfect hair, because they all
let their hair done in a hairsalon! And so did I :) Washing and styling is only around 2 euros!

This is my my friend's dog "xiao bai" which means "little white" ♥

Shopping street in Wenzhou, this is one of my favorite places to shop!

Dinner in a beautiful restaurant!

I went shopping so many times! That was absolutely my main activity.
China is Shoppingheaven!

Ajisen ramen! Nomnomnom, I went there for dinner so many times.

This is a place were you can paint!
You can choose a painting and paint it there.
The paintings look very difficult but infact it is very easy!

KTV with Michelle & Huilin.
KTV stands for KaraokeTelevision. It's so much fun!
You get a private room and choose songs you like to sing.
It really suprised me that they had so many new English songs!
My favorite song to sing by ktv is "The edge of glory" by Lady Gaga :)

They had M.A.C in Wenzhou woeeehh! I bought an eyeshadow "Satin Taupe".
I can stare forever at the M.A.C lipsticks ♥__♥

Wu Ma Jie, the famous street of Wenzhou.
It was rainy that day which was actually pretty refreshing because most of the time it was very very hot and sunny in Wenzhou.

I got my nails done! :)
The roses and lace are nailstickers.

I also went to the beautysalon with my mom!
After the treatment you get a healthy dessert,
this is a red bean soup.

I went to dinner in a supercute Japanese restaurant.
It was very small and they only had 5 tables.
On the wall were hundreds of pictures from people kissing.
I also made one picture with Yining, just a little kiss on the cheek haha

A night out in club W18!
Going to clubs in China is very different than in Holland.
First you have to reserve a table
and at your table you play games and drink with your friends.
In Holland people socialize a lot in bars and clubs but in Wenzhou
they don't. They stick with the people from their table. But they
do meet new people because a lot of times they invite other friends.
And also there are a lot of dancers and performers on stage.

He went shopping with yining and me haha

There's a famous little restaurant at the end of the wu ma jie,
and they have the best wantansoup in the world, yumm :)

There's a street full of korean fashion stores, this is one of the shops!

Breaddance, the cutest bakery ever!

Hello Kitty cake anyone?

This is the place were I buy my schoolsupplies!
I go crazy there, every year heheh :']
There will be a post of my schoolsupplies soon!
Oh and it's suppose to be "beautybird".

Yan mei! Ever seen them before?
This is a delicious fruit ♥

My absolute number one favorite dessert:
Toast with icecream ♥_____♥

This was at the karaokebar, it looked so cool!
Yining & Jim.

Jim singing! Can you guess who's on the screen?

Yining's outfit looked so pretty! ♥

In the cinema with Jim.
I went to Transformers 3!

A cute little restaurant♥

All the girls who worked there had a japanese costumes on!
She even has ears and a tail!

Me eating Pocky! :D

My little cousin writing Chinese in a traditional handwriting.

Jelly icecream!
This is so yummy, I miss this :(

Bottle and can in one!^^

Green tea Oreo cookies. They have it all in China :o

Adorable xiao bai <3

Almost everytime that I went shopping I bought
a milktea. My favorite drink! And it looks so cute :3

Some traditionalWenzhounese food:

I'm not sure what this is called but it is sort of like a pizza but covered.
And it is filled with salty vegetables. I love it!

Dumplings with grasjelly!

Got my nails done again!
Pink with a ribbon and strawberries :)

Visiting my mother's grandmother.
She is 88 years old!

After 3 weeks in Wenzhou I went to HONGKONG and MACAU for the first time!

Streets of Hongkong:

Langham place, it's great to shop here.
I've also made photostickers here :)

And guess who was there while I was shopping?
Edison Chen!

Green tea + Java Chip.
It's too bad that they don't have green tea in The Netherlands :(

Skyline of Hong Kong! It was so pretty <3

So after 3 days in Hong Kong we went to Macau with the ferry.
Macau is also known as the Las Vegas of China.
And wow it is!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Galaxy hotel.
The entrance:

Swimming pool:


Jelly Bean store!
I want the turqoise ones :D

The Venetian Hotel in Macau.
They built everything just like Venice, they had gondoliers too!
We went shopping there :]

Masque :]

This bag looks so cool! :O

Macau at night!

Ok this post is huge, but I hope you enjoyed!
Hauls will come up soon :)

Bye bye!

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  1. oee, ik ben ook naar macau geweest ook in the ventian hehe. Maar dan voor 1 dagje kijken xd.
    en omg, mocht je die makser vast houden ;o. volgens mij mocht dat niet eens hehe.
    Wat grappig jij ging voor het eerst naar Hong Kong en Macau, ik ging voor het eerst naar China en Macau xD.
    Je hebt zo te zien een erg leuke vakantie gehad.
    en btw wat een schattig neefje ;o. (of is het een meisje omg :$)

  2. haha nee volgens mij mocht het ook niet, maar iedereen deed het gewoon dus ik ook haha :p
    en jaa het is een jongetje hihi :]