zondag 17 juli 2011

C H I N A !


Tomorrow I'm going to China so I can't post for for 4 weeks because
blogger is blocked in China :(
But when I'm back I'll post soon again!


vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Blog import!

Hello ♥

Before this blog I had another blog called
I imported all of my old posts to this blog so if you haven't seen my old blog yet
you can check the posts out!

Update + Outfit!

Hello guyss!

In three days I'll be going to China, I'm SO EXCITED,
I really can't wait any longer! I'll stay 4 weeks.
I'm going to visit my family in Wenzhou, and I'm also going to
Ningbo, Hongkong and Macau! And maybe Shanghai :)
I'll make a lot of pictures for my blog, I hope I can post there but
I think is blocked in China :(
But let's hope for the best!

A picture of my outfit.
My aunt gave me this really cute top and it's made in Korea! :D
I matched this with my favorite necklace, blazer and a hat!
The weather in The Netherlands is not that great, rainy rainy..

In China I'll propably wear it with shorts and my wedges!


zondag 3 juli 2011

My schooldiary for 2011-2012!


This is my diary for 2011-2012.
My friend actually gave me this for my birthday,
I don't know which brand this is, but she bought it at V&D.

The front:
Black with little pink dots, a bow, pump, suitcase and the Eiffel tower♥


Drawing of heels and a really cute noteblock/stickers/memo thingies.

I love that it's made from "dry" paper instead of those "smooth" paper ones.
And the drawings are really cute and girly.

I still have to customize my diary, I always like to add my own pictures and stuff.
I think it's funny how much a diary can tell about someone's personality.

One thing I love about school is buying all the stuff like a diary, pencils, notebooks, erasers (MY ERASER COLLECTION >> ) .
I buy most of my stuff in China so when I'm back from my vacation I'll post
all my schoolstuff!

Do you already have a schooldiary for 2011-2012?


zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Antwerpen HAUL.♥

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and is was very very nice :) I went to Rotterdam and Antwerpen (Belgium!). Beautiful train station of Antwerpen:

The sale just started so I was very lucky. Here are the things I bought :

Wedges! From pull&bear, it was actually the first time I went to that store because there's no pull&bear in The Netherlands.. So if you go to Antwerpen someday you should definitely go to Pull&Bear, love it! :)

The next things I bought at Urban Outfitters and waaaaaauwww I love that shop! I went crazy.

I also but two pieces of jewelry, one necklace with a golden cross (I've been looking for that for ages!) and also a ring+bracelet in one piece.This one was in sale I bought it for 6 euros instead of 14! Yay happy :)

A black stretchy skirt.

Dark blue blouse with a pink ribbon♥

Sheer pink top from 42 for 25!

Black skinny jeans from river island from 48 for 25!
I really like the back.

I also bought one beauty item which is the NYX glitter cream pallet in 01 Paradise. It was also in sale for 5 euros instead of 11 :)
love this! It's my first item of NYX.

Too bad my train cancelled so I had a caffè latte by Starbucks, yum. I'm wearing my ring/bracelet thingie here!

Bye bye guys <3