zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Antwerpen HAUL.♥

Yesterday I went shopping with my mom and is was very very nice :) I went to Rotterdam and Antwerpen (Belgium!). Beautiful train station of Antwerpen:

The sale just started so I was very lucky. Here are the things I bought :

Wedges! From pull&bear, it was actually the first time I went to that store because there's no pull&bear in The Netherlands.. So if you go to Antwerpen someday you should definitely go to Pull&Bear, love it! :)

The next things I bought at Urban Outfitters and waaaaaauwww I love that shop! I went crazy.

I also but two pieces of jewelry, one necklace with a golden cross (I've been looking for that for ages!) and also a ring+bracelet in one piece.This one was in sale I bought it for 6 euros instead of 14! Yay happy :)

A black stretchy skirt.

Dark blue blouse with a pink ribbon♥

Sheer pink top from 42 for 25!

Black skinny jeans from river island from 48 for 25!
I really like the back.

I also bought one beauty item which is the NYX glitter cream pallet in 01 Paradise. It was also in sale for 5 euros instead of 11 :)
love this! It's my first item of NYX.

Too bad my train cancelled so I had a caffè latte by Starbucks, yum. I'm wearing my ring/bracelet thingie here!

Bye bye guys <3

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wow! i like your ring+bracelet in one! ;)

    followed you!

  2. Wowie je hebt een aantal geweldige spulletjes gekocht!
    Vooral de wedges, dat lichtroze blousje, het donkerblauwe blousje en de sieraden zijn echt geweldig!
    Pff ik wil ook snel naar Antwerpen als ik dit zo zie ^^