vrijdag 15 juli 2011

Update + Outfit!

Hello guyss!

In three days I'll be going to China, I'm SO EXCITED,
I really can't wait any longer! I'll stay 4 weeks.
I'm going to visit my family in Wenzhou, and I'm also going to
Ningbo, Hongkong and Macau! And maybe Shanghai :)
I'll make a lot of pictures for my blog, I hope I can post there but
I think is blocked in China :(
But let's hope for the best!

A picture of my outfit.
My aunt gave me this really cute top and it's made in Korea! :D
I matched this with my favorite necklace, blazer and a hat!
The weather in The Netherlands is not that great, rainy rainy..

In China I'll propably wear it with shorts and my wedges!


4 opmerkingen:

  1. lovely outfit! the hat. the ruffled top, the bunny protector of your iphone, everything! :)

    oh and thanks for showing appreciation on my blog. :)