vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Bunny iphone

My father came back from China a few days ago
and he brought me an Iphone case with bunny ears and tail.
So adorable and cuteee <3


dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Fashion&Jewelry inspired by The Big Cities♥

Fashion & jewelry inspired by the big cities!

I also have a obsession for america and the american flag <3

I want all those stuff so bad!

Pictures are from and

With love,

zondag 15 mei 2011


Hi :)

I had a great week with the french exchange students.
The French girls were all very fashionable! I made few pictures.

Lovely outfit from Hélia!

And the trend from the French girls were defenitley Hairbows and floral prints.
Anastasia & Albane wearing hairbows!<3

Sorry for the bad lightening :(
But this is a demin bow!

It's too bad that I didn't made more pictures from the lovely outfits but all the
french girls had a really cute style!<3

Budgetproof beauty haul

Hi guys!

Today I want to share my budgetproof products that I
got recently!

1. Essence Colour & Go nailpolish.
I finally found my perfect pastel blue nailpolish, I'm so happy with it!
The colour is perfect. And it was only 1,95 euros!

2. Hema brushes.
Hema got a new brush collection. They are all babypink and white, how cute!
I got the eyeshadowbrush which I really really like! I love the shape of the brush because you can use it in many different ways. It's perfect for highlighting your browbone and cheekbone, applying eyeshadow to your eyelid and also crease. Defenitely multifunctional :)
This brush is comparable to a very old Dior brush from my mother and to the MAC 217! I've been wanting that mac brush for ages but now I don't want it anymore because the hema brush is very good aswell and only 3,50 euros!

3.Catrice Sun glow Matt bronzing powder.

A lot of bronzers include shimmer which I don't really like for contouring but this one has a matt finish so it is perfect for contouring!
The price for this one is 3,99 euros.

Contouring tutuorial from Stylesuzi!

That's it! I hope you liked it :)
with love,

zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Favorite spring makeup items #5- Inner corner highlighters

hello :)

This is my last 'Favorite spring makeup items'.
And it's my inner corner highlighters.
Adding a bright highlighting colour to your inner corners gives you an open and bright look. I love it!
I think this is not only great for spring but for all times!

My favorites:

1. MAC dazzlelight.

2.Hema cream eyeshadows.

3.Eyebrigt- Benefit.

4.Essence- Light up your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 'Favorite spring makeup items'!
With love,

woensdag 11 mei 2011

Favorite spring makeup item #4- A 'dusty rose' pink Lipstick

hi! :)

Post number 4 of my 'favorite spring makeup items'!

Estée Lauder Crystal Pink lipstick.
It is one of my favorite lipsticks!
Actually my mom got this from an Estée Lauder giftbag.
I remember that Estée Lauder always gives the crystal pink colour
because this is already the second one my mom got!
Anyways, this is a beautiful and classy 'dusty rose' colour.


Stay tuned for my last makeup item!

maandag 9 mei 2011


hi :)

I'm not able to post a lot this week because
this week I got an exchange student from France here.
Her name is Àdele, such a sweet girl!
But after this week I'll be blogging like a beast, yeah.

Favorite spring makeup items #3- Natural/Naked eyeshadows.


My third makeup item from 'Favorite spring makeup items'!
Natural/Naked eyeshadows, I use my Naked eye palette from Too Faced.
It's my favorite palette and I use this almost everyday.
In spring I think the prettiest way to wear your makeup is 'natural'.
I think the heavy smokey eyes are more for winters and the natural look more
for spring!

Mini review- 'Naked eye palette'.

Packaging : This palette comes in a cute pink box.
It also includes little cards with suggestions for looks
and a small brush.

Colours: What I like about the colours are that they are very
wearable.Perfect for everyday looks. But you can
also make more dramatic looks with the darker shades and you can choose between shimmer or matt. So there are a lot of options for looks.

quality: The colours are high pigmented and they all have a great
quality. And also they are a bit creamy and not chunky.

Colours from left to right:
Stiletto-Unmentionables-Lika A Virgin-Lapdance-Satin Sheets-Pillow talk-Pink Cheeks-Birthday Suit- In The Buff

Price: Toofaced is not a budgetproof brand. So this palette is a bit pricey.
I've been wanting this palette for a really long time so when there
was a sale at Sephora I bought it! It was 35,00 euros. That means
that you pay 3,90 for each eyeshadow. And for such good quality
like this I think it's a pretty good deal! The original
price in The Netherlands is 40,00 euros.


zondag 8 mei 2011

Spring shopping haul!

I've been shopping recently,
I really needed some clothes to wear for spring.
Here are the clothes that I bought.

Two tops from River Island.
I love the sleeves from my beige top. They are sheer and open.

I love bows!

Shirt from River Island & Pink top from New Look.

Lace dress from River Island. This was the last one day had, and it is size 14, so a little bit too big for me but when I try it one you can barely see it :)

I love bows again :)

I also bought new sunglasses! These are from New Look.
Love the floral pattern!♥

With love,
Charlotte ♥

Favorite spring makeup items #2- Turquoise/blue eyepencil.

Hi! :)

This is my second post of my 'Favorite spring makeup items'!

It is a turquoise/blue eyepencil. I use the one from sephora which I really like!
I've been wearing this a lot during spring time.
It just add a little pop of colour to your eyes without making it too dramatic.
The colour is really bright and it's also waterproof!

Sephora flashy liner waterproof 08 flashy blue.


Stephanie Pratt wearing blue eyeliner.

Do you like or wear blue eyeliner? :)

zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Hi guys!

I want to share a really cool thing with you,
Lauren Conrads newest website! I dont't know if
you already knew about this but
She posts really nice posts, so if you haven't seen it
check it out :)

I also really like her beautywebsite :


Favorite spring makeup items #1- Pastel nailpolish

Hi guys!

This is my first post of my 'favorite spring makeup items'.
I'll be doing five posts.

So the first item is Pastel nailpolish!
I love love lovee pastel nailpolish,
Especially in spring, it is so sweet and cute :)

Lilac from American Apparal
Pink from Hema
Peachy/beige from essence
Mint from Sephora

I'm still searching for a pastel blue!
Anyone who has suggestions?

A few weeks ago I tried some colours out on my nails,
but I forget to take it off and then I went shopping by H&M,
and I saw these bangles and I thought
Hey! These are exactly the same colours as my nails! haha :)

What do you think of pastel nails?

Angela Baby

hi guys,

Recently I was watching random videos on youtube when I came across a video of angela baby. And omg she is just so gorgeous! It's just unreal. (actually it is, i saw pictures from before and after plastic surgery?) But anyways, who cares she's beautiful! I also came across this tutorial from xiaxue, I love her youtube channel and blog! I tried this tutorial but it looks ridicilous on me haha but still a great tutorial. Check it out :)

And this was the video I came across.
Fashion TV!<3


vrijdag 6 mei 2011

Mini Jewelry haul.

Here are some jewelry I got lately.
I bought a few myself and I got a few for my birthday :)


River Island & New Look

Bershka & Fantasia


new blog.

Hello :)
I have new blog,
I'll be posting there!

T-shirt surgery

My 'I♥PARIS' t-shirt got a little surgery.
I cut it off and made it into an 'off the shoulder' top.
I'm not sure if you can see it very well..
But I like how it turned out :)





ps. If you want to try it out,you can search on youtube for instructions!