maandag 9 mei 2011

Favorite spring makeup items #3- Natural/Naked eyeshadows.


My third makeup item from 'Favorite spring makeup items'!
Natural/Naked eyeshadows, I use my Naked eye palette from Too Faced.
It's my favorite palette and I use this almost everyday.
In spring I think the prettiest way to wear your makeup is 'natural'.
I think the heavy smokey eyes are more for winters and the natural look more
for spring!

Mini review- 'Naked eye palette'.

Packaging : This palette comes in a cute pink box.
It also includes little cards with suggestions for looks
and a small brush.

Colours: What I like about the colours are that they are very
wearable.Perfect for everyday looks. But you can
also make more dramatic looks with the darker shades and you can choose between shimmer or matt. So there are a lot of options for looks.

quality: The colours are high pigmented and they all have a great
quality. And also they are a bit creamy and not chunky.

Colours from left to right:
Stiletto-Unmentionables-Lika A Virgin-Lapdance-Satin Sheets-Pillow talk-Pink Cheeks-Birthday Suit- In The Buff

Price: Toofaced is not a budgetproof brand. So this palette is a bit pricey.
I've been wanting this palette for a really long time so when there
was a sale at Sephora I bought it! It was 35,00 euros. That means
that you pay 3,90 for each eyeshadow. And for such good quality
like this I think it's a pretty good deal! The original
price in The Netherlands is 40,00 euros.


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