vrijdag 2 september 2011

To do list with my friend Lisa! :)

Hello ♥
My friend Lisa and I made a list of things we wanted to do this schoolyear!
Some of them don't make any sense but it's fun :]

* Bake a carrotcake. We've never tried one before, and it sounds not really yummie to us but we've heard it was good so we're gonna try it :)
* Send eachother a Christmas card.
* Going to AMSTERDAM
* Make a snowman
* Pass trough this schoolyear together!
* Make beautiful pictures.
* Not talking for one day to eachother. (this is gonna be hard).
* Going to see a really good movie.
* Eating at a Chinese dim sum restaurant.
* Going to a themepark!
* Study together and get a high grade.
* Eat a pizza with salami.
* Going to a MUSCIAL.
* Oldskool rollerskating. (Yes I still have them, somewhere..)
* Going on Chatroulette.
* Drink icecoffee at HEMA <3

And that's our list :D
supersilly but we don't take this too serious haha!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuk lijstje zeg!

    En worteltaart, jakkes! Het lijkt me echt ook heel erg ranzig. Maar wie weet is het wel vet lekker! Hetzelfde als Cheesecake. Dat lijkt me ook zó ranzig!

  2. Wauw! Wat leuk dat jullie zo'n lijst hebben gemaakt - ik hoop dat het iets gaat worden!

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