zondag 2 oktober 2011

Goodbye September, Hello October!


I haven't post for almost a month now, shame on me!
So what was happening in my life in September?

Some random pictures I took :


Superheroes at Utrecht Central Station, I guess it was for a charity, great guys haha :)

Really awkward candy...

Chinese dumplings NOMNOM so good.

Having lunch with my daddy,grandmother and grandfather.

Skype with my sweetest little cousin ever , he's so cute <3

Hey Amy Winehouse! Haha this is my friend dressed up as Amy, she looks just like her :O
This was a schoolassignment.

Raawrrr, this was also a part of our assignment. Me as a rockgirl.

The weather has been amazing this whole week!
Here I'm at King Arthur, a lovely restaurant in Utrecht.

My sandwhich, I've literally spend two hours to eat that haha

A BEAUTIFUL Chanel scarf from my grandmother omgosh I fell in love when I saw it <3

Having a Mocha Frappucino while waiting for the train in the sunny weather ♥

I've noticed that I've got a lot of food pictures.. oops haha
well this is the last one! Heartbreaking thoug, the beautiful cupcakes were ruined..
and Macarons! love them :)

And that was my September, looking forward for things this month!
Holidays are coming up soon yay, and I'm also going to dance in the schoolmusical
Last week I had auditions and I made it, I'm soooo excited! :D
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and have a awesome October!

xoxoxo ,

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