donderdag 20 oktober 2011

Aussi haircare Review

Hi guys!

Today I've got a review on the Aussie Aussome volume shampoo and the 3 Minute Miricle conditioner. To be honest, I never really cared about shampoos and conditioners. I just used whatever my mom bought. But when I heard that Aussie was now available in The Netherlands I wanted to try it out because I heard very good things about it! I was watching Macbarbie07 on youtube and she mentioned the conditioner :) Soooooo I went to the store and there was like a deal, second Aussie product 50% off so I picked up the conditioner and the volume shampoo.

Aussome Volume Shampoo.

So first the Aussome Volume Shampoo. I've got quite oily hair at my roots so it don't have a lot of volume and it's more sleek. What I think about the shampoo :

* It gives that "squeaky clean" feel. Ìt takes like all the oil away. It doesn't soften the hair but it dries out a little, which is good for a volumizing shampoo. Since my hair is oily at my roots I think this is perfect. Now I can skip a day washing because it's not that oily anymore.

* I won't recommend this shampoo for people with dry hair, it will dry it out even more!

* It does give amazing volume! My hair seems thicker and bouncier :)

* It smells really really sweet, sort of like candy. So if you like sweet scents you will love this!

* I also recommend using this shampoo with a good moisturizing conditioner otherwise your hair will get too dry.

* The packaging is really nice, the lid has like a click system.

* The price for this shampoo is 6,99 euros, which I think is a little expensive , but for the quality it's a good price.

3 minutes miracle reconstructor.


* It makes your hair reaaaally really soft en shiny.

* It smells very sweet, even sweeter than the shampoo.

* You need to squeeze carefully otherwise you will get too much!

* It doesn't weigh your hair down, it's still bouncy.

* Makes dry and damaged hair shiny and soft again. The ends of my hair are always dry and I even got a little bit of split ends but now they are soft and healhty again! :)

* The price for this conditioner is 8,99 euros, which I find a little bit too expansive for a conditioner. But this stuff really works so it's worth the money.

So my conclusion : It works amazing! The products do exactly what they are ment for. Would I repurchase this again? Yes, defenitely! If you live in The Netherlands, I would check the "Etos" out, their deal is still going on!

I hope this was helpful!

With love,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wat toevallig, mijn zus heeft deze ook net gekocht!
    misschien dat ik hem eens stiekem ga gebruiken..

  2. lijkt me heerlijk! en ik vind
    je mac lipstick supermooi trouwens!
    nog aanraders van mac? ik ga morgen voor
    het eerst namelijk;p
    en doe je mee met mijn winactie?

  3. Ah, ik wil die ook kopen! Is even bij de Etos kijken deze week :)