zondag 16 oktober 2011

OOTD + My weekend.

hello hello,

You may noticed that I've got a new lay-out!I got bored of that my old one and I wanted a more classy one. So, tadaaa! It's very simple but I like it, it's fresh and clear ohyay!

So move on to my outfit of today, not anything special but I still wanted to share it with you :]


Shirt with little pearls - primark.
Jeans- River Island.
Shoes- Le ballon.

So my weekend is almost over and it was amazing! I went to my friend Yining, she lives in one of the best shopping places in The Netherlands, ROTTERDAM. We went shopping and I bought a lot of nice stuff that I'll post about as soon as possible! We also went to a very nice Italian restaurant called 'La Borsa', it was sooo super cosy with candles and good food!
Yinging :D

That night I stayed at her aunt's apartment in Rotterdam. I had a beautiful view from Rotterdam!
You can see the Erasmusbrigde.

The next day I had to go home earlier because I had to work, but first we had a lovely lunch at Dudok. And seriously people, carrotpie is DE-LI-CIOUS it was the first time that I tried it and it's so goood. The other pie is citronpie, nomnom.

So that was my weekend, Hope you guys had a wonderfull weekend too!
Lots of love,

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Ziet er uit als een leuk weekend! ;D

  2. oh, wow, those sweets look delicious! you have a great blog! hope you'll visit mine as well, and if you decide to follow me i'll make sure to follow back!

    All best wishes,
    Costin M. |

  3. lol, toen ik je schutting zag, keek ik meteen naar buiten xD. Wij hebben zelfde schutting lol. Maar erg leuk outfit!
    Aah, eten <3

  4. hahah, dankje voor je reactie :)
    ik volg je, volg je me terug ? dankjee <33

  5. Echt een hele mooie outfit! Soms is simpel toch nog steeds het mooist, daar ben ik het mee eens. :)

  6. Ah wat gezellig!
    Dat taartje is echt super haha met dat worteltje ^^