dinsdag 18 oktober 2011

Outfit of today- my lucky jumper.

Hello there!

Today I'm wearing my jumper/sweater from Bershka because it's getting cold already!
There's a little story behind this sweater, and that's why I call it my lucky sweater :)
Well, I went shopping in Rotterdam as you may know from my previous posts. And I bought this in Bershka. While I was leaving the store, a leather jacket caught my eye and I decided to quickly try it on. I had put all my bags on the ground and when I left I forgot my bag from bershka!!
The next day I called if they had find my bag and YESSS IT WAS STILL THERE. I was so happy oh yay!


New bikerboots from Primark! and shorts from New Yorker.


With love,

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Die shorts hebben echt een mooie kleur! ♥

    Doe jij al mee aan mijn giveaway?

  2. aah, die kleur van je short is erg leuk! En aah, je jumper ziet er zo lekker warm uit! <3
    Hahaha,schuttingmaatje (:

  3. wat zie je er leuk uit! doe het morgen aan naar school!xxxxxxx