vrijdag 19 november 2010


I'm going to try to do this 30 days blog challenge!

Day 1- A photo of yourself two years ago.
Day 2- A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 3- What’s in your makeup bag?
Day 4- A photo of somewhere you’ve been to.
Day 5- The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 6- A photo of you as a child.
Day 7- Your Skincare Regime.
Day 8- Photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 9- Your Favourite Colour
Day 10- Your first celebrity crush
Day 11- Your opinions about Lady Gaga
Day 12- Ten Places you want to visit
Day 13- Favorite memory from childhood
Day 14- Best job you ever had
Day 15- A sport you love to watch/play
Day 16- Anything you want to post about
Day 17- Favorite season and why
Day 18- Favorite genre of movies
Day 19- Favorite class/school subject
Day 20- 5 Random facts about you
Day 21- Anything you want to post about
Day 22- Favorite stores to buy clothes from
Day 23- Favorite book
Day 24- Career goals
Day 25- Do you wear glasses?If so, what are they for?
Day 26- A photo of the item you last purchased
Day 27- What’s your favourite snack?
Day 28- A photo from you last summer
Day 29- Your opinions on the television show Glee
Day 30- A photograph with you and a friend

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