dinsdag 30 november 2010

Blogchallenge day 11-Ten places you want to visit


I mean... DUHH! I can see myself running through the streets with a starbucks in my hand and in the other hand shoppingbags from all the cool stores like forever 21 and Macy's : ) And traveling by yellow taxi cabs to all the cool places in the big apple!
2. Tokyo.
I mean.. DUHH AGAIN! : D
The AWESOME shops, food, people , the whole culture is so cool.
And not only Tokyo also a lot of other places in Japan!
I defenitely wanna go there.
I mean.. haha no not again ; ) but I thinks everything is just so cute there?
And maybe if I'm lucky I will see some kpop stars? ghehe , keep dreaming charlotte.
Maybe I'm going this year. I am a shop aholic so hongkong is the place to be.
5.Los Angeles.
America again! L.A. Is there anybody who don't want to visit this place? : )
6.The maldives.
A beautifull place, sun, blue water and white sand. Aah good for relaxing!
Check out some kangaroe's and Koala bears :)
8. Paris.
I went to Paris several times. And I'm going to Paris again in my winterholidays.
9. Venezia.
I would like to sit in a Gondola with my future lover ;p Such a romantic place.
And I've never been to Italy before.
10.New Zealand.
Don't know much about New Zealand, But I think it is cool : )

I wanna visit sooooo much more places.
One day I will!

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