zaterdag 22 januari 2011

My trip to Paris

Pictures from my trip to Paris,

Guess where this is, Yes musée du louvre! I didn't went inside because it was already too late. But it is still beautiful at night, there was a man playing the theme music from Swan lake, soo beautiful!

This is at Academie nationale de musique.
When I saw it I was like... wauw O__O

More sightseeing!
Le notre-dame.

Galeries Lafayette is the most beautiful shopping mall I've ever been.
There was a HUGE christmas tree, very pretty!

We came across this little winter/holiday-looking bar when we were walking to The Eiffel tower.

So finally after hours of walking we came to The Eiffel tower.
It was worth it because I like it sooooo much <3

Cindy and me shopping at Les Halles.
She is so sweet!

A Huge Chanel lipstick! It was fake though..

Moulin Rouge <3

I went to The Avenue des Champs-Élysées for some shopping and the Arc de Triomphe ofcourse. There was also a christmasmarket.

So romantic, like a fairytale.
Behind the carriage, it's The Grand palais.

A funny old man and me at Le quartier Latin.
You can buy a lot of posters,drawings and other stuff like that there.

With love,

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